Character creation is not restricted. This world will allow for any race/class combination that can be found in a standard 2.0 book. This does mean that there will be no oriental characters, either in race or class.

Stats will be determined using a Point buy system. All starts start at 14, then you may sell a point from 1 stat to buy a point in another stat. No stat may drop below 10, or go higher then 18 via this method. And all stats added together will remain a constant 84. (If classed as fighter, with str of 18, percentiles will be rolled in front of DM.)

All characters after being entered into the Prison Colony shall be issued, 1 suppression collar/bracelet, two shirts, two kilts (proper knee length), 1 belt, 1 pair of boots, and 1 backpack containing: eating utensils, 1 sharp knife measuring two inches on the blade, 1 bedroll, 2 candles, 1 flint, 1 steel flake measuring no longer then two inches, 1 spare blanket.

Each person is given the choice if they want to wear a suppression collar or bracelet, during in processing. Enchantments are the same either way, however they are a permanent item and cannot be removed. Collars prevent the future wearing of necklaces, bracelets prevent the future wearing of a bracer or other bracelet on that wrist.


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