Warden Allariel -- New Arrivals

Warden Allariel

Prison Log – Warden Allariel

So once again the portal is not working properly. Of an expected 20 prisoners, only three made it through. The Seneschal is furious at the additional paperwork. The Mages keep promising to send someone over to examine the portal, however I am willing to wager that none can be convinced to challenge the trip, lest they get lost in the null space between the gates. Some people still may appear over time, I am hopeful that we may still get a few of the other prisoners through, the death in null space I wouldn’t wish on anyone, least of all the petty criminals that get sent to this out of the way corner of the universe.

The three new prisoners barely made it through the dinner bell before leaving the green zone. I think there is something about the non-human races. Only the humans appear willing to remain within the safety of the green zone.



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